Top B&B Breakfasts

When thinking about taking a trip to Cardiff in Wales, you would need a very minimum amount of convincing. This is because the city is just filled with wonderful views and places. Such is the number that you will never get tired of visiting these places. You will always feel that you are never getting enough of it. While planning the trip, you can easily figure out all the sightseeing locations. But you will also need to think about hotel accommodation as well. After all, you would need a place to stay for the night, particularly if you are visiting with family. So while your budget may be limited, there is nothing to worry about. You will find tons of places to stay in Cardiff which will very well fit your limited budget. Just check out the list below.
• Number 62
This guest house is located in a very superb location. This is because it is quite near to the city. In addition, you will always find the hotel owners to be present. And they will always be more than willing to help you out with your queries. What’s more, they will even explain directions to get from one place to another. Since the place has a very limited number of guests, you have the option of stating your preferences. According to one of my friends, he managed to get a very spacious room with an excellent view of the garden. Imagine waking up to that every morning!

• Cathedral 73
Another bed and breakfast hotel which you can consider is Cathedral 73. While the name may sound a bit strange to you, the atmosphere is nothing like that. It is truly a lovely place to stay with the hotel staff being very friendly and helpful. Besides serving some amazing breakfast, they are also very well-known for their afternoon tea. So if you are in the mood for an evening snack, you know where to go. Their tea is absolutely delicious and they have a wide assortment of cakes and pastries as well. All in all, Cathedral 73 is a place where you will be able to get a very comfortable stay.

Hotel One Hundred

The most beautiful rooms has been saved until last in this family-run wonder. This Cardiff bed and breakfast is very near the city centre but on the opposite side of the centre to the other two properties. The daughter is the person behind the design of all of the rooms and each one is very individual.


Choosing the Best Hotel Accommodation

Choosing the Best Hotel Accommodation

Choosing the right hotel for accommodation is one of the most essential decisions that can make or break your vacation, or travel plans. Whether you are going to the destination for holiday, meeting, business trip, or honeymoon, the most crucial part is to strike a deal between price and quality offered. It is often a daunting task to get the right accommodation that can blend in with your budget, at the same time offers top-notch amenities and is located in a prime area. Some of the features to put into consideration include

1.Online booking

This is the simplest yet the most effective way of how to pick a good hotel for accommodation. You have a wide array of options to choose from, you can search using parameters that suit your needs and budget. Most hotels run promotions that are exclusively geared towards online bookers, therefore you can take the opportunity to use the discounts and get the best value for your money. However, it is imperative that you read the reviews the hotel has received from its previous clients, this will give you an in-depth of what to expect from the hotel.

2.Location and availability of amenities

Perhaps nearly for all clients the most crucial criterion when choosing a hotel for accommodation is location. It is better to choose a hotel that is located centrally and you can have access to major social amenities such as malls, convenience stores, and city sights. In addition, it is an advantage if the hotel is located closer to rail station or airport for easy transportation. You need to ascertain if the hotel provides some of the vital amenities such as Wi-Fi, handicap facilities and pet facilities among others. You can check if breakfast and other meals are included in the tariff or they are charged separately. Moreover, you can inquire if they offer free drop off and pick to and from the railway station or airport.